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  • Personal training session for only £25.00!
  • Group class membership now for only £30 a month!
  • £8 for an hour and half of quality group session

  • Now Workshops available!


If you want to lose weight, learn self defence skills, 

build your confidence or just improve your


Please contact Neville for more information! 

on 07973254921 


Boxing based-fitness sessions. Mind and body conditioning to fulfil

your goals, that are both enjoyable  and motivational to keep you on t

he right track!


Neville Brown


Reach Your Potential...

Reach your fitness potential using the training techniques of the best all round fitness sport
there is,boxing.

Using boxing training as vehicle you will be guided through a serious of challenging and realistic programmes,structured to bring out the best
in you.


Individually designed, the programme is for people who want to develop to their highest possible level of fitness. Fitness in the widest possible sense: Endurance, will power, speed, strength, balance, flexibility, self-control are all developed through learning (in a safe environment) the techniques of the fine art of boxing.

You can train 1:1 with Neville Brown, and or you can train with his well-organised weekly classes.

People who train with Neville Brown come in all ages, shapes and sizes. Most people train for fitness and personal development. Some people go on to fight as amateurs or professionals.

Everyone has fun and we all support each other. All levels, from beginners to British champions working together is surely unique. You’ll make great friends, too.” 

Nigel MacLennan, the No1 best selling coaching author and CEO level coach who has trained with Neville for  five years.

We all have different physical capabilities, but we can all reach the same point,our highest potential.

If you want to get fit, if you want to reach your potential, train with someone who has been where you want to go!

Take 1:1 or scheduled training classes with Neville Brown.Get fit.


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Neville Brown